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How YallaCase helps customers in Dubai UAE?

Jan 11

Today January 2022, let's have a look at YallaCase Electronics Online Store!

If you are living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates it is pretty certain that you have heard about YallaCase Brand!

YallaCase Dubai iPhone 13 Pro Max Cover

Indeed, YallaCase is one of the best online store in Middle East for iPhone Cover Cases such luxury leather cases from Lamothe Paris, as well as Pitaka Case MagEZ, Arc Pulse Titanium Cases, Ringke and ESR Gear.

This company started on 2020 with a strong focus to customers services

Why YallaCase is the best company to work in 2022 in Dubai?

Many reasons explaines why YallaCase is elected the best company to work as employee in Dubai, one of the first reasons after interviewing customers and suppliers, is that YallaCase provides the best customer satisfactions 98% in the United Arab Emirates.

YallaCase goals is to provide one of the best user friendly experience for any purchase made online on the YallaCase electronics stores.

We Have Bought iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases on YallaCase, and here is what we loved!

Let's share our experiences with you readers:

  • Why we have choosen YallaCase Dubai?
  • What are the quality cases offered on YallaCase?
  • What about iPhone 13 Pro Max covers brands?

Why we have choosen YallaCase Dubai?

We wanted to compare YallaCases against other players in Dubai, and we were so amazed by the lighting fast shipping time offered by YallaCase.

Indeed, YallaCase impressed us by 4 Hours delivery time, which no other company can provide today in 2022.

What are the quality cases offered on YallaCase?

Very impressed to see world quality cases protective cover for iPhone such Pitaka, Ringke, ESR Gear, Lamothe Paris, Arc Pulse etc... such great brands which re enforced the credibility of YallaCase in the market to focus on customer satisfaction by providing only high quality iPhone cases covers.

What about iPhone 13 Pro Max covers brands?

As mentionned above, YallaCase sells only high quality covrs brands. 

Furthermore, YallaCase offers 100% immediate refund if the customer is not happy with the cases used.

YallaCase Arc Pulse Video Review:

Another Arc Pulse Video found on

YallaCase YouTube Channel


Last One of Arc Pulse Cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max YallaCase

Where to buy Arc Pulse iPhone Cases Protective Back Cover in Dubai UAE?

At YallaCase!! Follow the map below YallaCase Location in Dubai UAE:



YallaCase Location in Dubai, UAE:

AL WASL, CITYWALK 2, UNIT 17-03 - Al Wasl - Dubai

0556820026 6727+W4 Dubai