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Lawn aeration tips to help you grass breathe

Aug 20

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Lawn aeration tips that give you a healthy lawn

We all want to live in a healthy environment, which is why we try to clean our surroundings and make sure that we breathe fresh air by planting trees and having a green lawn. But you can’t just easily have that by just wanting it, we need to exert effort and be responsible in taking care of them. But how do we do it? What are the things that you need to do to surround your home with a green lush lawn?

Lawn aeration is one of the best garden methods that is designed to ensure that the lawn is healthy and strong. It creates holes in the soil to give oxygen that encourages worms to cultivate it and gives better soil drainage. It helps in making a strong root system that is capable of producing a lush grass garden.

Lawn aeration tips that give a beautiful lawn

  • Avoid removing plugs - Don’t remove plugs because they have important elements that your lawn needs. If it is already removed, scattered it on your lawn next to every hole or let it dry up and run it over with a lawn mower. These plugs will be gone in a matter of a few weeks.
  • Choose plug aerators over spike aerators - In the two main methods of aeration which is plug aeration and spike aeration, plug aeration is the better option. They may both give good drainage and proper space for the root system to grow but plug aeration causes less compaction which is good for expanding and absorbing nutrients.
  • Combine aeration and overseeding - Lawn aeration is good for giving oxygen and enough space for the root system while overseeding is a great process in patching some spots in the lawn that doesn’t have grass. So if you will combine them it will produce great healthy grass. A combination of water, space, nutrients, and the air is a vital element needed for your lawn.
  • Fall and spring is the best time to aerate - If you are asking what is the best season to aerate, spring and fall is obviously the answer. The spring’s additional moisture is good for its root system’s growth, and aerating it is a perfect combination. Having a strong root system is like glued roots that are firmly holding each other which makes weed impossible to insert in.