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Lawn Mowing Tips

Oct 4


Lawn mowing can be an essential part of maintaining a healthy lawn. This can make the difference between a lush green lawn and a dull, brown mess. Here are some lawn mowing tips that will help you cut your grass correctly.


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How to Mow the Lawn

You run the risk of damaging your lawn's root system and scalping it if you overcut your turf. For lawn mowing and maintenance work, visit Lawn mowing service in Lexington KY

Here are 6 lawn-mowing tips that every homeowner should know.

1. Mow only when the turf is still wet

It is not recommended that you mow turf when it is still wet. Because the grass blades are too soft to cut, wet turf can be difficult to mow. If the mower isn't properly cleaned, there is a possibility that the mower could be damaged by wet grass. The mower can stick to the underside of the mower, causing damage to its internal components.

2. Reliable mowers are recommended

Mow your lawn with a reliable mower. You can use petrol or electric mowers to mow your lawn. You should choose a mower you are comfortable with. For small areas that need to be mown regularly, manual mowers work well. It is not common to adjust the height of a manual lawnmower, so it is best to mow your lawn on a regular basis. Variable height settings and speeds can be found on petrol- or electric-powered mowers. To avoid cutting unevenly or invasively (e.g. Do not cut the lawn.

3. Keep your mower in good condition

To ensure your mower's continued effectiveness, you must maintain it. Mowers require regular maintenance and care. Before you use a mower, make sure that all parts are intact and that the power source is reliable. Make sure there are no chemicals or other foreign substances on your mower while you mow. To ensure that no grass remains on the internal parts or components of the mower after the mowing, clean it. Clean the mower with the appropriate tools and make sure that the power source is disconnected before you start cleaning. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

4. Keep your lawn mowed to the right length.

Don't cut your lawn too short. Overcutting your turf could expose the turf to even more elements. This is called scalping. We can help you repair your lawn if you accidentally scalped it. Turf Tablet is a revolutionary product that can be used to replace damaged lawns.

5. Prior to mowing, don't spray any chemicals

Do not spray chemicals on your lush, green lawn before you mow. This could include pesticides or weed control as well as other chemicals. Make sure to follow the instructions of any chemical you use on your lawn. Avoid applying chemicals to your lawn before you mow to prevent any damage to your mower or the surrounding ecosystem.

6. Keep your lawn from growing too high

The grass should be cut to a height of 6 cm. Long grass blocks sunlight from reaching the turf's surface. This could cause the grass blades at the bottom to become brown. As a result, the lawn will be mowed with yellow or brown spots. Brown lawns are a breeding ground for pests and diseases. Turf Tablets are a revolutionary product that can replace an unrepairable lawn.