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Is it better to mow in the wet grass?

Oct 5

It is best to wait until the wet grass has dried before you mow. If left unraked, wet grass clippings could block your mower and cause it to choke. For more mowing tips, check out Lawn Mowing Techniques.

Can you mow wet grass with a mower?

Many homeowners have asked this question after a light rainstorm that seemed to ruin their weekend plans or when they woke up to find their lawn wet from the heavy dew. Is it better to mow in the wet grass?


Answer: You shouldn't cut your grass when it's still wet. There are many reasons to wait until your lawn is dry before you start the mower. You can also reach out to Lawn Mowing Services for the maintenance of your lawn.

Why you shouldn't mow wet grass

1: The health of your lawn

Wet grass should not be cut. This is because if there are any diseases in your lawn (which tend to happen more often due to excessive rainfall), the mower can spread the disease throughout the yard. Spreading wet seeds to lawn weeds could lead to an increase in weed infestation.

2: Clogging and Clumping

Mowers are not able to cut grass cleanly when it is wet, even with a sharp blade. Wet clippings can block your mower and cause it to become clogged. This is dangerous.

3: The danger of slipping

Wet grass is slippery. Pushing a running mower increases the chance of falling. Particularly if your lawn slopes.

4: Wheel Ruts

Over-saturated soil can make the soil soggy. Mowing grass that is extremely wet may cause ugly wheel ruts in the lawn. You also risk damaging the grass.

5: Stained Clothes

When you go out on wet grass, be sure to inspect your shoes. The stains that are more noticeable in freshly cut grass than those from cut dry grass stain clothes and shoes. It also makes it more difficult to clean up after a long day of yard work.