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8 warning signs it's time to cut down a tree

Oct 18

Everybody loves trees in their backyard. Trees on your property will become part of your family over time. We enjoy their shade during the summer, and they are a part of our family. We are happy to welcome their spring buds and enjoy the incredible spectacle of their fall leaves changing.

Trees have become part of our memories and have appeared in many photos over the years. We feel sadness when one of our trees passes away. It's hard to say goodbye to a friend when it comes time to remove a tree. It can be challenging to see such a vast and overwhelming presence go. 

Many people put off tree removal projects for years. It is often costly and a difficult task to take down a tree. If you wait too long, your tree friend can become dangerous. Dead trees can drop branches onto your car and home. It could even fall on you or another person.

Knowing when a tree is ready to go emotionally can be challenging. Many physical and visual indicators indicate that it's time to cut down a tree. You can hire professional landscaping services in Arizona for your tree cutting. Learn more about what signs to look out for to determine when it is time to trim a tree on your property and how to proceed once you have made the decision.

A happy tree is a healthy tree.

It may not be easy to tell if a tree is dead unless you are an expert in tree care. Sometimes a tree can look dead even though there is still a lot of life. Sometimes the tree may be dormant or have a part of it that is suffering from a health problem. The rest of the tree will work to overcome the issue. Problems caused by drought, pests, or invasive species may also be addressed.

Tree health is challenging to diagnose, so if you have any questions about your tree, you should contact a professional tree removal Phoenix to inspect it. Tree removal near Phoenix az are all excellent resources.

There are many other reasons to cut down trees. Trees can be damaged by lightning strikes, harsh winters, and high winds. Sometimes the tree will recover from the harsh elements. Other times, however, damage can be irreparable. This can also indicate that it is time to remove the tree.

You may feel it is time to plant a tree on your property. These are signs that it's time to get a tree on your property.


Your tree could be deadly if you notice fungus-like mushrooms growing on the tree's bottom. Moss is not an issue; some trees can be covered in moss. Your tree likely has trouble staying alive if you see rapid mold growth on the trunk or along the root paths.

Surface Roots

Some trees grow roots close to the ground, while others go deeper. It is possible to see tree roots very close to the ground, but this depends on the tree.

You can always compare your trees to others if your property has the same tree type. If a tree's root system begins to grow near the surface, it may have difficulty getting the nutrients it requires. Roots closer to the surface could be more vulnerable to damage from animals, humans and weather.

This means that if your tree's roots are close to the surface and those of nearby trees are not, it may struggle for survival. Although it can be saved, you should contact a tree expert immediately to save your tree before it is too late.

Root Rot

Root rot is also a severe problem. If your tree's roots rot, you can see the signs by looking for holes or dips on your lawn. As they use the roots for fuel, more mushrooms will sprout. Even though you may not be able to see the roots, they can cause significant problems for you very quickly. Roots are essential for keeping a tree standing and stable. Your tree can fall over at any moment if lost or disintegrated.


Your tree may start to shoot if it is stressed. This could indicate that your tree is doing everything possible to survive. New growth can be created when the lower branches fall.

Loss of branches

A tree that sheds large branches is another sign it is having trouble. It redirects energy from the dead, large parts to the healthy ones.

This could be dangerous and cause damage to your vehicle and home. It's time to get professional help if large branches fall from your tree.

But, the loss of large branches does not necessarily mean that your tree is in danger. Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome is a condition that can affect trees of all ages. It's widespread in oak, beech and elm trees. Only an expert can tell the difference.

A Dying Trunk

The trunk of your tree can tell you a lot in many cases about its overall health. Your tree could rapidly die if the bark falls off its trunk or cracks. Trees' trunks are vital for their support and health. A weak trunk can cause rapid and sudden collapse, which you don't want.


Leaves can speak volumes about a tree's health and ability to survive. Trees in poor health may have fewer leaves than nearby trees, and the leaves that do develop may be a different shade. If the tree doesn't shed its dead leaves when autumn arrives, it could be another sign that it is sick.

Storm Damage

You may be able to see storm damage in trees if your area has been hit hard by a severe winter or a major storm. Although trees are resilient, they also experience storm damage every day. A cracked trunk, missing branches, or exposed roots could all be signs of storm damage.

Tree experts will always attempt to save trees damaged by storms but may recommend their removal. Although it is always difficult to let go of a tree, sometimes it is for the best and the safest for you and your family.

How to cut down a tree

Once you've confirmed that the tree is dead and unhealthy, you might consider cutting it down yourself. Cutting down a tree can be expensive, so it might not seem difficult initially.

This decision should be taken seriously. Tree removal can be dangerous and more complex than you think. Tree removal professionals exist for a reason. Tree removal experts have the highest level of training and the best equipment.

You will need to hire a professional tree trimmer to help you remove the tree. You will need to remove all branches individually, and the trunk and branches will also need to be removed after you are done. Hiring a tree service to remove your tree will save you time and money.