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What Are the Best Commercial Landscape Designs?

Oct 29

A good commercial landscape design should be both functional and form-oriented. While the design should improve the appearance and image of the building, it should also be functional. To make your landscape work for your business, consider how people will interact with your property.

These are some of the many services that Cooper landscape LLC offer:

  1. Communicate the right message. Your landscape can communicate the brand of your business or building. Landscape elements can help you convey a message, be it soothing, healing or sustainable, fun, professional, or forward-thinking. For example, Zen features can be used to soothe spaces and dance fountains in outdoor spaces. Native grasses and wildflower plants can also be used for green roofs. Or you can use minimalist geometric plant designs for more edgy businesses.
  2. People should feel connected to your business. Landscape design can encourage people to spend more time there or keep them moving. People will be drawn to the space if you have benches, tables, chairs, fountains, and low walls. Businesses and other hospitality establishments have had success in creating elaborate outdoor spaces with fire pits, lawn games, and benches to encourage customers to stay longer.
  3. Direct traffic flow. Businesses want people to go to their entrances. This can be achieved by placing plants and trees along paths and walkways, as well as brick and stone wall features. These elements are bold visual statements and serve an important function.
  4. Attract customers. You can attract clients if your landscaping is bold and offers places to sit that are inviting. You can also attract customers to your business if you have little or no shade, a lack of pizazz, or a poorly maintained landscape.
  5. Accentuate architecture. The architecture of a building is a complex subject that requires a lot of thought and effort. But the story doesn't have to end there. The landscaping can make your building stand out. You can add drama to your front door by using careful color and texture selections and accentuating the driveway with lines and shrubs. You can also add drama to the front entrance by using careful color and texture choices. Add interest to the driveway with lines of trees and shrubs.
  6. Conserve water and energy. Your landscaping can be designed to reduce energy consumption by shading the building in summer and blocking the harsh winter winds. A green roof can be added to your building to reduce water runoff and lower heating and cooling costs.

Consider how your landscape will look when it matures, including the size and placement of trees and shrubs. Make sure you understand the maintenance requirements for the design that you select. You can either make sure that it is easy to maintain or hire a professional to do the routing. Landscape professionals can help you find low-maintenance plants and trees that provide the benefits you seek.