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Why is Stump removal necessary?

Oct 29

Memphis stump removal While it can be easy for people to forget to consider the stump while removing a tree, it's crucial that you understand the benefits and potential problems associated with stump removal. Lynnwood sod recommends tree stump removal and doesn't advise you to attempt it yourself. This article explains why we recommend this and how we can assist you with tree stump extraction.

What happens if you don't remove tree stumps?

The stump is best to be removed if you are already ready to give up on a tree to ensure your safety and that of your family. It can also be hazardous and harmful to your yard. This is a brief overview of the problems tree stumps can cause to your yard if they aren’t removed.

A tree stump can present a danger to anyone who crosses it. Imagine a child running long to catch a touchdown in family football, and then tripping over the stump. If the stump becomes covered with grass or weeds, it is possible to accidentally run over it when you are cutting the grass. This could cause damage to your lawn mower or even make you pay to have it repaired. It's not difficult to forget it's there as you cut the grass around the stump.

Consider the limitations that a stump can cause in your yard. While the tree was beautiful and provided shade, the stump takes up space that isn't visually appealing. You will find times when you wish it was not there. For example, if you plan to have a backyard barbecue and need more space, you might consider putting another table in the same spot. What if your home is aesthetically pleasing and buyers turn away 

because of the ugly stump?

You don't have to worry only about the stump. The stump can eat nutrients from plants that you don't want to grow. Additionally, the decay of stumps can cause fungus to spread to nearby trees. Worse, stumps that are not properly maintained can harbor termites, beetles, and wood wasps. These pests can infect your home and cause damage to your yard. It can be expensive and time-consuming to remove these pests from your property and repair the damage they caused.

Worst of all, the tree could grow back from the stump. This is possible because the tree uses the energy it stores through photosynthesis to make this possible. A stump can create a multi-trunked tree, which can be more eye-catching than the original stump and be even more dangerous. It is also more difficult to permanently remove and kill the stump and new tree over time. Therefore, it is easier to remove the stump first.

Why should you hire a tree stump removal service?

Tree stump removal can be a difficult job because of the deep roots. It is best to hire a professional stump-removal service. Tree stump removal using chemicals can take months and can prove dangerous. You will need to rent or buy tools if you decide to remove the stump by yourself. This, along with the effort required, could be more costly than hiring a professional.

Cooper Landscape LLC will be able to determine the best method to remove your stump. Our stump grinding team is equipped with the necessary equipment and has the experience to safely complete the job. We have the expertise and knowledge to answer any questions about the surrounding wires and pipes, and what can grow in that space. A tree service such as ours can also recycle or dispose of the debris so you don’t have to worry about transporting it or getting it picked up by the city.

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Service

Once the stump has been removed, the hole can then be filled with soil. You can water the new space as you would for grass growth, and then enjoy it!