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Stamped Concrete Patio - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co

Mar 7

Stamped Concrete Patio - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co

Patios are usually used to sit and relax, or to bring together family and friends. That is why it is vital to make sure the patio is comfortable and enjoyable. A lot of homeowners are now willing to spend so much on the interior of their homes. They choose to put in nice furniture and interiors to make the area look more modern and comfortable.


Although choosing the right items on your patio is crucial, making sure the furniture is solid and durable is essential. There are many different materials that you could use for building a patio. However, concrete is always a good choice.


Concrete is a material with the characteristics that make for a fantastic patio. It's durable, lasts for a long time as well as easy to maintain and cost-effective. Concrete can last for a long time. Even for the rest of your life if you keep it maintained regularly. However, what a lot of people know is that proper placement is critical to make the patio last.


Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co has been making concrete patios for several years. There have been many satisfied customers from all over Knoxville and the adjacent areas. We are still able to see our customers continue to increase in number. Our concrete experts are the best contractors, who provide high-quality concrete driveways.


Different types of concrete patios


Concrete is one of the most widely used material used for building patios. It is durable, long-lasting and very flexible. It's also very inexpensive as compared with other construction materials that are available in the market. As you plan you concrete outdoor patio it is essential to consider the different kinds of concrete you can apply to the project. No need to go elsewhere to find out, however, as we have broken it down for you. Be assured Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co does all of these.


Poured Concrete Patio

A concrete slab patio is the most sought-after option among the various types of patios made from concrete. Poured concrete has smooth and flat finish ideal for all kinds of outdoor furniture. Concrete slabs are easy to maintain. It is easy to sweep dirt using a basic bristle or wash debris by applying pressure to water.


Stamped Concrete Patio

Also often referred to as decorative concrete stamped concrete is a replica of more expensive construction materials like natural stones, wood, and brick. There are a myriad of colors, textures, and patterns to choose from. If you'd like your concrete patio design to be more personal you can also avail custom design services. Stamped concrete is not only excellent in concrete patios. It also helps beautify other concrete surfaces like pool decks roads, driveways, and floors.


Concrete Paver Patio

Our company offers a large range of concrete pavers. Whatever form or shape you need for your concrete patio, we sure are able to supply it. Concrete pavers come with a variety of types of colors, textures, forms and sizes. They can be placed on top of made of sand packed, or even an already existing patio surface which you'd like re-design.


Concrete Patio Finishes


A concrete patio is the perfect addition to your backyard. It's a space where you can relax by you or sit with your family and close friends. As a premier concrete builder, we give our customers with a range of concrete patio finishes to select from. Based on your personal taste or style preferences your choice of your concrete patio's appearance to be an:


Polished Surface

It is a polished look, also known as a concrete patio slab finish is popular among traditional and conservative homeowners. It's clean-looking, nothing fancy, usually plain. If you're in the market for this type of concrete finish concrete slabs, or poured concrete is the most appropriate way to go.


Stamped/Decorative Concrete Finish

Stamped concrete is designed for than just homeowners who are creative. With this method it is possible to play with different kinds of colors patterns, and textures. You can select from a variety of simple and more elaborate designs, like wooden decks or stone flooring. You can also have one designed specifically for you. The attractive finish makes your concrete patio unique and appealing.


Concrete Beveled Edge Finish

The name implies, a bevel refers to a sloped edge between two principal surfaces which facilitates joining. Bevels are good for safety reasons, wear resistance and overall aesthetics the patio (or every concrete construction for that matter).


Exposed Aggregate Finish

We achieve exposed aggregate finish by taking off the top layer to expose the aggregates such as stones and sand. This involves using the water washing method or applying chemical retarders. This is a great finish to provide slip resistance. It is the perfect choice for your patio made of concrete.


Concrete Patio Installation Process


Every day, each one of us works hard at providing our customers with best service possible. We take our work seriously in order to create happy and satisfied customers at the end of every project. In order to ensure the highest quality of final results, we follow a tedious concrete patio installation method, that includes:


Project Site Evaluation

Only concrete contractors who are professionals know that there are several soil conditions. In all our concrete patio installation projects, we will check the condition of the soil first. The kind of soil that we work with is essential to ensure the durability and the strength and durability of the construction.


Preparation and Delivery of Construction Materials

Preparation on site includes measuring (on the basis of square feet) and making sure everything is prepared for the installation process. Additionally, we manage the transport of building materialsand ensure everything is in place so that we have the ability to begin and finish on time.



The patios we design are beautiful, without doubt. However, we ensure that they're durable, and long-lasting enough for harsh temperature and weather conditions. We start by making concrete flooringand later on to the walls (depending on the design). Each step we make sure that we do not miss anything that will lead to future problems with the construction.


Quality Check

Our team does not end a project just like that. Concrete experts from our company conduct the quality checks to be sure that the concrete patio that is safe and long-lasting. We ensure that there is a stable foundation and that the concrete's surface is correctly created.

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